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living willow sculpturesDesigns built to enhance outdoor spaces

Ways with Willow help schools, community projects and organisations and       private clients to enhance and develop their outdoor spaces.

Planting living willow structures is lots of fun. Everyone loves watching them grow and burst into life. They encourage outdoor learning and provide shelter in the summer months.

To preserve their natural beauty and allow for healthy growth, structures need to be maintained. We offer maintenance sessions or workshops to help you look after your structures, or can run a session as part of a workshop to build another!

liviing willow
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Structures, such as domes, tunnels, arbours and fedges are built during the winter months, from November until the end of March, and kits are available from January until March. We also design bespoke projects

We provide workshops, a design and build service, and even living willow kits. Workshops can be a fantastic way to fund a willow sculpture project. Contact us for details.



During the summer months we build dried willow sculptures outdoors such as animal dens and magical story-telling trees!

Character dens encourage natural             imaginative play and children (and adults!) love them. Whatever the size of your outdoor space, we can help you create something unique and magical. 

Not sure what you can create in your outdoor space? Want to know how to make your ideas   become reality? Contact us and we’ll do our best to help you achieve something special. 


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