Willow Kits

living and dried willow kitsEverything you need to make your own willow sculpture at home

Everyone loves willow weaving, and whatever your age or ability, our kits are the perfect introduction into the craft whoever and wherever you are!

Ways with Willow offer a variety of different kits, all of which are suitable for beginners and come with complete instructions with full colour photographs.

DRIED WILLOW KITS – the packaging even becomes the soaking bag to prepare the willow ready to weave! We have a number of different kits available such as dragonflies, flowers, hearts and fish, so there’s something for everyone. Our weaving kits are suitable for both children and adults. Be warned mind, once you start willow weaving you won’t be able to stop!

Our kits are a perfect gift or rainy day activity! 

All our kits are available to buy in our online shop. 

By purchasing our kits, you are helping to support our work project for disadvantaged & vulnerable adults and young people; providing training, volunteering and employment opportunities for individuals who face a range of barriers to mainstream activity and work.



Create a beautiful dragonfly using a corn dolly weave. There is enough willow in each kit to make 3 dragonflie

Flower Kit


Weave a gorgeous flower using basic hoops and random weaving. There is enough willow in each kit to make 2 flowers.



Weave beautiful hearts to decorate your home or give as gifts. Learn how to make 3 different types of hearts. There is enough willow in each kit to make 3 hearts; either make one of each design or more of your favourite!



Create gorgeous fish using basic weaving techniques, and either make mobiles or a shoal of fish. There is enough willow in each kit to make 9 fish or 2-3 mobiles.

COMING SOONWe will have more fantastic kits available! From designs especially for little weavers, Christmas decorations, Sunflowers and baskets, there will soon be something for everyone!


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